Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blessed than Before

Once again, I would like to share this beautiful devotional from the devotional online that I subscript for a several years already. Today's devotional God reminded me not to forget all the things that HE has done in my life, though I never forget to thank HIM in everything that He has done from the moment that He found and loved me unconditionally.

( 1 SAMUEL 12:24 *NKJV )

Dear Litlit,
In this busy world it is far too easy to forget all of the things that God has done for us. Often we take those blessings for granted, and sometimes we even forget tothank Him for them.


Therefore Litlit, never forget to thank Him for His great love, and all of the blessings that He has given to you! In fact, a great way to start each day is to spend two minutes counting all of your blessings, and then try to have only loving thoughts all day long. For when we do are hearts become merry and we are walking in God's Light, and that will make us feel even more blessed than before!

Also remember Litlit, when counting all of your blessings, to count the biggest blessing of them all, and that is having such a loving, caring Heavenly Father as we do! Amen!

All My Love & Prayers,
Pastor Allen

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Looking for another company

It has been awhile that I never checked this blog. I will really try my best to update this blog as soon as possible.

I've been thinking what to write on this blog as of now, I've been focusing on my other blog. Actually, I have lots of experience I suppose to post on this blog due to the internet connection that I am having now, it's quite limited so I wasn't able to write much.

Speaking of internet connection, I will try to inquire the other company, if they'll can still install the cable thing. The advantages of having a cable internet connection is it's unlimited unlike the one that I've been using for a couple of weeks now. It's a bit expensive so that's the reason that I didn't surf on the net that much.

I hope that the company that I'll be inquiring they will still a cable internet connection.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Devotional Online

For a couple of years, I’ve subscribed the devotional online; the title of this devotional is “Good morning”

And today’s topic was so encouraging, it talks about Trusting God, the author expound that trusting God is to rely everything unto HIM even we could not see the result of our prayers yet but we should trust in HIS heart that in HIS time He will answer according to HIS time.

Once we trust everything unto the mighty hand of our Living God, we should not find a corner to hold our prayers back. Once we do that, we doubt on God’s faithfulness, and HIS power to do everything.

When we put our trust in God He will lead our ways. After all we live by faith not by sight. God reminded me to let not my heart be troubled, Trust in God and also Trust in Me.

Thank God for this morning devotional, instead of worrying I declares HIS Great faithfulness and claims HIS promises in every breath I take.

Pushed Through

The dinner date was finally pushed through on my last Monday in Satun. At first we chose Khupkhon restaurant but in last minute we decided to go to other restaurant which we like most.

While waiting for our food, we had wonderful conversations. We reached to the main point of our dinner date which is set a time for my two meet friends meet regularly for some studies, prayer, etc. I will continually pray for the success of their regular meetings that the enemy could not hinder what has been started.

And of course, we enjoyed our food; I ordered one of my favorite Thai food “ The Kruang Kaeng pla kapong” and I never expected that the cook put lots of chilies and it’s too spicy but I still ate though.

Actually, my friend was very emotional that time but I still managed not to be emotional in front of her and I was able to crack little jokes and we ended up laughing and the atmosphere was quite nice because there was no tears fell down.

At Cali Restaurant in Satun this restaurant is quite famous in town. Actually, the Malaysians who come to town they usually come to this restaurant.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hight Light

My second trip to Taiping is a bit longer than the first I visited here a few weeks ago. The high light of my trip this time is to attend my friends’ son birthday. But before the birthday celebration, there were a few things my friends and I did.

A night of Lyle’s birthday my family friend and I went to Pizza hut and I ate as much as I can. Thank you Lyle for the birthday treats.

I am pretty sure that I'll be missing this very cuddly big, handsome and chubby boy.

Last Saturd ay, we had especial lunch, we went to Jesu’s sister’s husband and we had delicious food there then for dinner we went to Jesu’s uncles’ house and the food they served were really delicious unfortunately I ate little because I ate a lot on Lyle’s birthday celebration

Above all, I’m having great time with my family friends. I truly thank God for allowing me to visit twice this month.

We went to Taiping museum and I saw a couple of interesting things there though the museum is not completely done yet but still it’s quite interesting to go there.

Actually, I took lots of pictures when we visited the Museum unfortunately, it’s in my mobile phones and the USB cords are in my traveling bag and I don’t want to dig them because I nicely arranged the stuff in my bag already. But I’ll try to post some pictures when I have a chance when I arrive home.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Last week, I planned to have dinner with my co worker and my other friend but it was postpone due to the reason that my Thai friend was not available last night. And we reschedule our dinner date by Monday night. I hope and pray that there will no hindrances on this day.

The purpose of our dinner date is to set time that my co worker and my friend will be able to plan a schedule when to meet for Bible reading, etc.

I’ll continue to pray for this meeting, and this will not be an ordinary meeting I know the enemy is trying to hinder and in Christ name the meeting will be done in due time and that will be on Monday night.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


The first time I visited Taiping was in 2000 with my friends during that time we visited Taiping Zoo. Then just recently I visited Taiping again, at this time my family friend drove to the beautiful sites.

we past by at the lake site, it's a beautiful place and it's nice to have a picnic.

This is one of the oldest church in Taiping.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Comfortable Trip

When I purchased the train ticket for my trip to Taiping, Malaysia I decided to purchase a seat instead of purchasing the bed. The reason that I didn’t purchase the bed I was scared that I might slept in because the bed was so comfortable to sleep. And I would be getting out of the right place.

But the seats on the train were so comfortable also so still feel comfortable on my trip. One thing that caught my attention while riding on the train was the beautiful scenery.

Glad that I was the first passenger who arrived so I had a chance to take a picture of the seats.
The sunset was so beautiful and I kept on thanking God for making a very beautiful creation. Every time, I travel, I always enjoy the beautiful creation of God and it makes me not to sleep especially if I am traveling on day time. The beautiful scenery speaks the greatness and the faithfulness of God. It speaks of God real existence because no one can build the nice beautiful mountains, etc without God’s power to put them in its place.

Look at this beautiful Sunset.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A trip to Malaysia

I am preparing my short trip to Malaysia tomorrow; I will be visiting my closest family friend there. I am getting excited to seeing their little ones. And I am excited to eat some Indian food that I really like. Hmmm, I’ve been craving of different kinds of Indian food. Right now, I am thinking to eat lots of Tose..

I’ll be off to the city tomorrow morning around 9 a.m and meet my family friend in the City and we’ll have lunch together at sizzlers..hmmm yummy again. And after lunch I’ll be leaving for Malaysia by train.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hadsayaw Beach

Last Monday, I was so busy tiding my apartment, it was around 4 o’clock in the afternoon I was about to take a nap but my friend came and picked me up and told me that her officemates were waiting for us. And I asked her why and she said her officemates wanted me to go see the sunset at the beach just 15 minutes drive from the town. Since the invitation it would be not forever so I said yes and got dress and went with them.

On our way to the beach, we passed nice green scenery. I was very quiet inside the car and pondering lots of things. And my emotions started rising up, so I immediately command my mind, and heart not to be so dramatic.
When we arrived to the beach, oh my… the sunset was so beautiful and the place itself is so pretty. There were many people hanging around. We wanted to eat at the restaurant there unfortunately no more food left for us because we went there quite late.

I took this photo when the car was running.

My friend
Quiet beach
I truly enjoyed my trip to Hadsayaw beach. I hope I can visit that place again before I finally fly away.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Elephants Show

A couple of months ago, I took this video when my bestfriend and I availed the City tour in Bangkok. I was really fascinated with these lovely elephants.

In 2003, I watched the cutest, and loveliest elephants show at Phuket Fantasy in Phuket. Actually, the show was not only for elephants but with other animals and the cultural show as well. And it’s really worth paying that much.

My desire of going there again has never faded yet. I still want to go there and watch the show again. But I don’t think so that I’ll do it this year. If not this year, it might be the coming years and who knows. Lord, please grant it in YOUR time.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Time Restaurant

Entry for today's Yummy Sunday: Last Monday my friend and I dined at TIME restauratns.

This is shrimps ( I forgot what's the name of this), very crispy and so yummy.

One of my favorite Thai food; Kruang Kaeng Pla Samplea

My friend's favorite, Kaeng Jurt...This is delicious, too.

And for dessert, I had this cappucino ice cream

More yummy photos please click the badge above. Have a wonderful Sunday Everyone!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Crystal Bracelet

Last Saturday, I met my friend, Ate Sarah at Rajyindee Hospital. When she sat besides me, she handed to me her hand made bracelet as her birthday present on my Birthday a couple of months ago.

Look at this beautiful crytal blue bracelet. To you, Ate Sarah, God bless your heart. I am very sure that God will never forget HIS rewards for you. My prayers that God will continue to shower HIS blessings you and He will completely grant the desires of your heart. You are always in my heart and prayers. God bless your family and the work that He has entrusted into your hands.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Here's my entry for today's Yummy Sunday. Pizza....I had this yesterday with my brethren in the City. I was glad that my friend Ate Sarah told me that they would be having Pizza at the center where we usually held our OPM and many were there...so without a second thought I decided to go to the center and had a little fellowship with my brethren and ate pizza as much as I can...More yummy Sunday please click the badge below.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hands On

My students and I were enjoying making sandwiches today. They're so responsible, I told them what to do and in a few minutes they're done. At first, I told them to use the desks for them to work easily but they said they're not comfortable of using the table they would love to sit on the floor. Since, they're the one doing so it's okay by me if they're sat on the floor.

The students were well prepared for this activity. They bought some drinks, bread, etc though I bought alot too. Since I wanted to share the sandwiches to the other grades so I bought extra.
What a bite.....
Happily eating......

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Changed My Planned

Tomorrow, I am going to teach my grade 5 students how to make sandwiches burgers. I made the patties and cooked them already. At first, I was thinking to teach them tuna sandwiches. Since, they’ve always been tasted tuna sandwiches so I’ve changed my planned. Instead of making tuna sandwiches, I’ll be teaching them, chicken patties sandwiches. I’ve tasted the patties that I’ve made and they’re delicious.

Every year, I always love to do something different things with my students. I always think of something that they’ll like. And I would always love to treat my students like buying some food for them. And by making sandwiches, spaghetti, macaroni salad, it is the way that I can express that I truly love them. Not only in words but in deed as well.

Generally, what I’ve earned from the school, my students have always been part of it because I never forgot to buy something for them…might it be a little thing such as candies, biscuits, etc. I always remember them, when I received my salary every month. So, this remaining months, I have alot in my mind to give something to them. My biggest desire that they'll be able to experience and encounter the True LOVE of my ETERNAL FATHER.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Not Feeling Well

After teaching my grade 4/2 students how to make spaghetti, if felt dizzy and my whole body were really tired and shaking. Then, around 2:20 my vision became so blurry and my back neck was really hurting me. I was a bit scared that might be my blood pressure was too high, so I didn’t finish teaching with my grade 6 students and I went down stairs and asked someone could send me to the hospital. So someone phoned to the office and glad the secretary and the driver brought me to the hospital.

I was glad that when I arrived at the hospital there were no many people waiting to see the doctor. The nurse checked my blood pressure and it's normal I was really wondering why I felt dizzy every time I bowed down my head. A few minuts after, the doctor diagnosed and prescribed medicine. After paying my bill and got my medicine, I went home and cook porridge before I would take the medicine. It's not for my dinner yet since the doctor told me not to take the medicine without eating first so I cooked porridge so that my tummy would not be empty. To make the long story short, after eating the porridge I took the four kinds of medicine that the doctor prescribed for me. After 30 minutes of taking the medicine, I was struggling breathing so I phoned my friend and she came to my house and she brought me to the hospital again. I was around 5:30 in the afternoon.

When we arrived there, the nurse put something on my pointer finger to check my breathing and not long minutes she called someone to bring a wheel chair and brought me to the emergency room and they let me lie down on the bed and put the oxygen immediately. Then the doctor came and checked my heart beating, and interview a little bit. And this time, I told the doctor that I'm having my period because on the first doctor I forgot to tell him that I am having period which is quite important as well.

My friend, Phi chu wanted me to stay in the hospital for a night but the doctor explained that the hospital is overloaded already so no more space for me. Since my breathing is getting back to normal, and there’s no need for me to stay a night in the hospital. So the doctor prescribed another 4 kinds of medicine. When I asked the person at the pharmacy, what were those medicine for and she said….Please look at the photos of the medicine and I would write something on each picture.
This is quite okay because this is anti histamine

This is not okay for me because this is for stomach pain, I never complained to the doctor that I was having a stomach pain and I was wondering why he prescribed me this kind of medicine. So scary! I remember, a few national friends of mine, told me many years ago,...." Never go to the hospital here at night time because most of the doctors are practioners and sometimes they'll mistaken to prescribe medicine for you" I never believe this before but now I experience it so I better believe. I guess, not all practioners will really mistaken to prescribe medicine. Actually, the doctor who checked me out. He is not sure friendly. I guess, he has having problem or tired....whatsoever!...hmmm speaking of medicine for stomach pain, might be the doctor misunderstood me when I told him that I'm having my period and that's why he precribed medicine for stomach pain...he might thought I waas in pain.......funny..or he just mistaken...well ..well...I don't know really....
This is for ulcer, simethecone tablet. I was wondering again why the doctor precribed this kind of medicine the fact is, I never had ulcer and I never complained to him that I had ulder. I was glad that I asked the person at the pharmacy what were for those medicine, since it's written in Thai language. I wanted to complain to the doctor why he prescribed me these medicine but I was so weak yesterday I better went home and take some rest. Anyways, the medicine that he prescribe it will expire in 2012 so I better keep it and bring it home.

This is after a few minutes of having medicine in the emergency room. I took picture of me while the nurses were away. LOL!
Here's my faithful friend, she never left me at the hospital. She looks after me like her little sister. Today, she came to my apartment many times to check me out if I was okay. And brought something to eat also. How about my mayo diet clinic? Well, since last night, I stopped it because of the medicine that I am taking. I don't know when I am going to start it again.

So today, I rested alot....and I thank God that I am feeling better now...the dizziness not really much unlike yesterday so tomorrow I will go to school.....

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yummy Sunday-Spare ribs

I had this yummy food at Santa Fe Restaurant Carrefour Hatyai yesterday for my lunch. This is sure so yummy, the meat was so tender and the salad was so fresh and crispy. By the way, this is spare ribs.....not so often to eat this though due to the people on my neighborhood but gave myself for a treat...

Free Check up For Bones

I went to the city today to by something for my diet thing as well as for the ingredients for the spaghetti that I’ll be making for my grade 4 students on Tuesday.

While I was roaming around Carrefour, I saw some people gathered in one place, out of my curiosity I came closer and I asked of the stuff there. And he explained it to me that they’re having a free check up for bones. Then I asked if I can avail since I am not a national in here and he said yes so I wrote my name and waited for my turned.

It’s my turned to have a check for my weighed, fat in my stomach; fat in my bones how old is my bones. First, I was glad to know that I lost 1.9 kilo because the digital weighing machine read my weight 62.9. According to one of stuff there, she said my BMI is very high and I searched this BMI thing and it explains everything I wanted to know. My BMI (Basal Metabolic Rate) Is very normal. And fat in my stomach is quite a lot it excess to 15, the normal one is 1-9. And the age of my bones is quite old already, it’s 58 years and the stuff advised me to me be very careful, sleep early, don’t get my self so tired and do lots of exercises and eat healthy food. But the density of my bones is beyond normal as well, according to the stuff, the normal density for woman is 94 but mine is 107. Then I asked her, if this is very dangerous for me and she said no, it’s very good for me because I’ve got thick and strong bones.

Back to my weighed; Actually, I weighed myself last Thursdays at the Sauna center and I was 62 kilos, I guess the digital weighing scale is more accurate so I now weighing 62.9 but last Saturday, I weighed my self at Rajyindee Hospital I was 64 kilos, at least I lost 1.1 kilo now….I am quite happy, I think what I am doing now, it’s quite effective but I am still very overweight,
While waiting for my turned I took picture of them. The woman wearing white and carrying the digital weighing scale. That is not only a weighing scale for weighs but it also read, fat in the bones, stomach and age of the bones....
Here's my big left foot

Friday, August 28, 2009

Blog Title

I’ve been into creating blogs for a couple of weeks now. I’ve created two new blogs, 1. “Here and Beyond,” and 2. “A scope of Everything”….While thinking to make one blog only out of my two blogs that I’ve created. So, this title came out of my mind… “Everything And Everywhere" and according to my mind, this covers my two blogs title already….Speaking of everything this means that nothing left already and everywhere I guess it explains the beyond already…So, I decided to have this one blog instead of having two blogs that have the same aim of writing….Hmmm...double minded now, I guess A scope of Everything is a very cool blog title..mmmm I am not going to delete that blog. I guess, somehow I will be able to write something on it, too.....