Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pushed Through

The dinner date was finally pushed through on my last Monday in Satun. At first we chose Khupkhon restaurant but in last minute we decided to go to other restaurant which we like most.

While waiting for our food, we had wonderful conversations. We reached to the main point of our dinner date which is set a time for my two meet friends meet regularly for some studies, prayer, etc. I will continually pray for the success of their regular meetings that the enemy could not hinder what has been started.

And of course, we enjoyed our food; I ordered one of my favorite Thai food “ The Kruang Kaeng pla kapong” and I never expected that the cook put lots of chilies and it’s too spicy but I still ate though.

Actually, my friend was very emotional that time but I still managed not to be emotional in front of her and I was able to crack little jokes and we ended up laughing and the atmosphere was quite nice because there was no tears fell down.

At Cali Restaurant in Satun this restaurant is quite famous in town. Actually, the Malaysians who come to town they usually come to this restaurant.

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