Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yummy Sunday-Spare ribs

I had this yummy food at Santa Fe Restaurant Carrefour Hatyai yesterday for my lunch. This is sure so yummy, the meat was so tender and the salad was so fresh and crispy. By the way, this is spare ribs.....not so often to eat this though due to the people on my neighborhood but gave myself for a treat...

Free Check up For Bones

I went to the city today to by something for my diet thing as well as for the ingredients for the spaghetti that I’ll be making for my grade 4 students on Tuesday.

While I was roaming around Carrefour, I saw some people gathered in one place, out of my curiosity I came closer and I asked of the stuff there. And he explained it to me that they’re having a free check up for bones. Then I asked if I can avail since I am not a national in here and he said yes so I wrote my name and waited for my turned.

It’s my turned to have a check for my weighed, fat in my stomach; fat in my bones how old is my bones. First, I was glad to know that I lost 1.9 kilo because the digital weighing machine read my weight 62.9. According to one of stuff there, she said my BMI is very high and I searched this BMI thing and it explains everything I wanted to know. My BMI (Basal Metabolic Rate) Is very normal. And fat in my stomach is quite a lot it excess to 15, the normal one is 1-9. And the age of my bones is quite old already, it’s 58 years and the stuff advised me to me be very careful, sleep early, don’t get my self so tired and do lots of exercises and eat healthy food. But the density of my bones is beyond normal as well, according to the stuff, the normal density for woman is 94 but mine is 107. Then I asked her, if this is very dangerous for me and she said no, it’s very good for me because I’ve got thick and strong bones.

Back to my weighed; Actually, I weighed myself last Thursdays at the Sauna center and I was 62 kilos, I guess the digital weighing scale is more accurate so I now weighing 62.9 but last Saturday, I weighed my self at Rajyindee Hospital I was 64 kilos, at least I lost 1.1 kilo now….I am quite happy, I think what I am doing now, it’s quite effective but I am still very overweight,
While waiting for my turned I took picture of them. The woman wearing white and carrying the digital weighing scale. That is not only a weighing scale for weighs but it also read, fat in the bones, stomach and age of the bones....
Here's my big left foot

Friday, August 28, 2009

Blog Title

I’ve been into creating blogs for a couple of weeks now. I’ve created two new blogs, 1. “Here and Beyond,” and 2. “A scope of Everything”….While thinking to make one blog only out of my two blogs that I’ve created. So, this title came out of my mind… “Everything And Everywhere" and according to my mind, this covers my two blogs title already….Speaking of everything this means that nothing left already and everywhere I guess it explains the beyond already…So, I decided to have this one blog instead of having two blogs that have the same aim of writing….Hmmm...double minded now, I guess A scope of Everything is a very cool blog title..mmmm I am not going to delete that blog. I guess, somehow I will be able to write something on it, too.....