Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hight Light

My second trip to Taiping is a bit longer than the first I visited here a few weeks ago. The high light of my trip this time is to attend my friends’ son birthday. But before the birthday celebration, there were a few things my friends and I did.

A night of Lyle’s birthday my family friend and I went to Pizza hut and I ate as much as I can. Thank you Lyle for the birthday treats.

I am pretty sure that I'll be missing this very cuddly big, handsome and chubby boy.

Last Saturd ay, we had especial lunch, we went to Jesu’s sister’s husband and we had delicious food there then for dinner we went to Jesu’s uncles’ house and the food they served were really delicious unfortunately I ate little because I ate a lot on Lyle’s birthday celebration

Above all, I’m having great time with my family friends. I truly thank God for allowing me to visit twice this month.

We went to Taiping museum and I saw a couple of interesting things there though the museum is not completely done yet but still it’s quite interesting to go there.

Actually, I took lots of pictures when we visited the Museum unfortunately, it’s in my mobile phones and the USB cords are in my traveling bag and I don’t want to dig them because I nicely arranged the stuff in my bag already. But I’ll try to post some pictures when I have a chance when I arrive home.

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