Thursday, October 1, 2009

Comfortable Trip

When I purchased the train ticket for my trip to Taiping, Malaysia I decided to purchase a seat instead of purchasing the bed. The reason that I didn’t purchase the bed I was scared that I might slept in because the bed was so comfortable to sleep. And I would be getting out of the right place.

But the seats on the train were so comfortable also so still feel comfortable on my trip. One thing that caught my attention while riding on the train was the beautiful scenery.

Glad that I was the first passenger who arrived so I had a chance to take a picture of the seats.
The sunset was so beautiful and I kept on thanking God for making a very beautiful creation. Every time, I travel, I always enjoy the beautiful creation of God and it makes me not to sleep especially if I am traveling on day time. The beautiful scenery speaks the greatness and the faithfulness of God. It speaks of God real existence because no one can build the nice beautiful mountains, etc without God’s power to put them in its place.

Look at this beautiful Sunset.

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