Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Devotional Online

For a couple of years, I’ve subscribed the devotional online; the title of this devotional is “Good morning”

And today’s topic was so encouraging, it talks about Trusting God, the author expound that trusting God is to rely everything unto HIM even we could not see the result of our prayers yet but we should trust in HIS heart that in HIS time He will answer according to HIS time.

Once we trust everything unto the mighty hand of our Living God, we should not find a corner to hold our prayers back. Once we do that, we doubt on God’s faithfulness, and HIS power to do everything.

When we put our trust in God He will lead our ways. After all we live by faith not by sight. God reminded me to let not my heart be troubled, Trust in God and also Trust in Me.

Thank God for this morning devotional, instead of worrying I declares HIS Great faithfulness and claims HIS promises in every breath I take.

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