Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Devotional Online

For a couple of years, I’ve subscribed the devotional online; the title of this devotional is “Good morning”

And today’s topic was so encouraging, it talks about Trusting God, the author expound that trusting God is to rely everything unto HIM even we could not see the result of our prayers yet but we should trust in HIS heart that in HIS time He will answer according to HIS time.

Once we trust everything unto the mighty hand of our Living God, we should not find a corner to hold our prayers back. Once we do that, we doubt on God’s faithfulness, and HIS power to do everything.

When we put our trust in God He will lead our ways. After all we live by faith not by sight. God reminded me to let not my heart be troubled, Trust in God and also Trust in Me.

Thank God for this morning devotional, instead of worrying I declares HIS Great faithfulness and claims HIS promises in every breath I take.

Pushed Through

The dinner date was finally pushed through on my last Monday in Satun. At first we chose Khupkhon restaurant but in last minute we decided to go to other restaurant which we like most.

While waiting for our food, we had wonderful conversations. We reached to the main point of our dinner date which is set a time for my two meet friends meet regularly for some studies, prayer, etc. I will continually pray for the success of their regular meetings that the enemy could not hinder what has been started.

And of course, we enjoyed our food; I ordered one of my favorite Thai food “ The Kruang Kaeng pla kapong” and I never expected that the cook put lots of chilies and it’s too spicy but I still ate though.

Actually, my friend was very emotional that time but I still managed not to be emotional in front of her and I was able to crack little jokes and we ended up laughing and the atmosphere was quite nice because there was no tears fell down.

At Cali Restaurant in Satun this restaurant is quite famous in town. Actually, the Malaysians who come to town they usually come to this restaurant.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hight Light

My second trip to Taiping is a bit longer than the first I visited here a few weeks ago. The high light of my trip this time is to attend my friends’ son birthday. But before the birthday celebration, there were a few things my friends and I did.

A night of Lyle’s birthday my family friend and I went to Pizza hut and I ate as much as I can. Thank you Lyle for the birthday treats.

I am pretty sure that I'll be missing this very cuddly big, handsome and chubby boy.

Last Saturd ay, we had especial lunch, we went to Jesu’s sister’s husband and we had delicious food there then for dinner we went to Jesu’s uncles’ house and the food they served were really delicious unfortunately I ate little because I ate a lot on Lyle’s birthday celebration

Above all, I’m having great time with my family friends. I truly thank God for allowing me to visit twice this month.

We went to Taiping museum and I saw a couple of interesting things there though the museum is not completely done yet but still it’s quite interesting to go there.

Actually, I took lots of pictures when we visited the Museum unfortunately, it’s in my mobile phones and the USB cords are in my traveling bag and I don’t want to dig them because I nicely arranged the stuff in my bag already. But I’ll try to post some pictures when I have a chance when I arrive home.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Last week, I planned to have dinner with my co worker and my other friend but it was postpone due to the reason that my Thai friend was not available last night. And we reschedule our dinner date by Monday night. I hope and pray that there will no hindrances on this day.

The purpose of our dinner date is to set time that my co worker and my friend will be able to plan a schedule when to meet for Bible reading, etc.

I’ll continue to pray for this meeting, and this will not be an ordinary meeting I know the enemy is trying to hinder and in Christ name the meeting will be done in due time and that will be on Monday night.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


The first time I visited Taiping was in 2000 with my friends during that time we visited Taiping Zoo. Then just recently I visited Taiping again, at this time my family friend drove to the beautiful sites.

we past by at the lake site, it's a beautiful place and it's nice to have a picnic.

This is one of the oldest church in Taiping.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Comfortable Trip

When I purchased the train ticket for my trip to Taiping, Malaysia I decided to purchase a seat instead of purchasing the bed. The reason that I didn’t purchase the bed I was scared that I might slept in because the bed was so comfortable to sleep. And I would be getting out of the right place.

But the seats on the train were so comfortable also so still feel comfortable on my trip. One thing that caught my attention while riding on the train was the beautiful scenery.

Glad that I was the first passenger who arrived so I had a chance to take a picture of the seats.
The sunset was so beautiful and I kept on thanking God for making a very beautiful creation. Every time, I travel, I always enjoy the beautiful creation of God and it makes me not to sleep especially if I am traveling on day time. The beautiful scenery speaks the greatness and the faithfulness of God. It speaks of God real existence because no one can build the nice beautiful mountains, etc without God’s power to put them in its place.

Look at this beautiful Sunset.